In 2006 Ms. Thomas became the CEO of a New York based company that provides research and consulting services to governments and companies concerning business development in the North Africa Middle East (MENA) region.

Since 2006 Global Directives, LLC  has been an advisor to the Commercial Law Development Program of the U.S. Department of Commerce with respect to legal and policy issues involving the settlement of commercial disputes between United States companies and governments or other entities in the region.

As CEO of Global Directives, LLC. Ms Thomas has helped to organize exchange programs between judges from the MENA region and judges from the United States, England, and France, representatives of major international arbitration institutions, and international law experts aimed at improving the climate for resolving commercial disputes throughout the region through international arbitration, mediation and litigation.

Global Directives, LLC.  has also provided research and consulting services to the United States government and governments in the MENA region concerning the improvement of commercial laws in the region, as well as consulting services to Western based business entities wishing to conduct business in the region and entities from the region wishing to conduct business with companies in the United States.

Global Directives, LLC. has developed an extensive network of local contacts in the MENA region through which it is able to provide up to date information and advice on a wide array of topics of interest to the international business community.